Framing and drywall: Wall framing  •  drywall  •  plaster

Final finishing: Sanding  •  paint  •  stain  •  seal


Drywall, Framing & Finishing

Drywall, Framing, & Finishing Services

Wall framing  •  drywall  •  plaster  •  sanding • paint • stain • seal

What Our Clients Are Saying

Isaac performed both carpentry and drywall work in my home. He renovated access to two utility rooms – enlarged the openings in order to provide clearance for the removal of faulty air conditioning mechanics. The task involved cutting through existing drywall and wooden studs, reinforcing the wall with additional wood supports, and then framing the opening and finishing the work with fresh drywall and new doors.

The style of my home is polished, modern, and minimalistic, and so the quality of Isaac’s craftmanship was of utmost concern. And in the end, he did not disappoint: the finished product was impeccably rendered. In fact, I would rank his work amongst the best of this type I have ever personally contracted. Throughout the consultation and construction process he was professional, capable, and enthusiastic, providing thoughtful suggestions as to how to accomplish the clean-line aesthetic I sought for this project.

Lavinel M. Lotrean

Framing & Drywalling

Basement Finishing

Framing & Drywalling Projects

Basement Remodel

A large 800 square foot basement was opened up and a ¾ height wall were framed and built around the exterior of the room. The entire basement floor and the walls were tiled and finished in a diamond configuration. A new exterior basement door and a new vanity was installed.

Basement Remodeling, Before & After

Basement finishing