Handyman Dan Story

Handyman Dan was destined to use his hands, combining a sharp mind with a thoroughly practical outlook and an active visual imagination. A creative tinkerer from childhood, he built his own cars as a child and re-assembled discarded radio parts only to bring the radios to life again. His growing need for physical stimulus as well as mental challenge called him away from a long and successful career as a jewelry designer to be more physically active in applying his skills.

With a natural affiliation for home improvement, Handyman Dan started out by helping friends and taking on small projects in his spare time. His skills were further honed with his pursuit of professional certification in BOCES trade school in Westchester, NY where he gained a high level of expertise in carpentry, construction and other skilled trades. This training enabled him to fully update and remodel his own home. Never satisfied with one skill, he remains a lifelong learner and he applies himself boldly to every task and is always learning new techniques and new ways to create, learn and evolve as a highly skilled tradesman.

Handyman Dan’s business has grown out of one simple idea: to provide the best handyman service to his clients.

Handyman Dan has chosen to maintain our business model as a ‘handyman’, even though the work he does is really much more than that. Calling himself a handyman allows him to be more accessible to a wider spectrum of the local community, and makes it possible for him to provide them with a variety of our skills and expertise, whatever the size of the project.


Why Handyman Dan Home Improvement?

Experienced & Skilled

We are a registered and licensed professional business and we are not afraid to reveal ourselves. Our business model is centered around one man, Handyman Dan, who is very approachable and friendly. Sincerity and authenticity is key in our business and maintaining an open line of communication is integral to how we manage each job. Maintaining a professional image, being efficient and organized is essential. Handyman Dan’s ability to diversify and think on his feet and react appropriately to the day-to-day action is his strength. Whatever Handyman Dan is faced with, his complete attention is on his one job and he completes it to the best of his ability without cutting corners or skimping on time or effort.


A contractual agreement is completed with each project, this contract details a full written outline of the work to be completed and the agreed cost. This contract is signed by all parties, before work can begin. Any changes or alterations which are made after a job has started will require a revision of this contract and will need to be agreed upon, outlined and signed before work continues.


We charge a fair price according to the specifics of each client’s requirements and we do our best to fit the work in around your needs, a realistic budget and your timeframe. The cost is a fixed price for our labor and the materials that are needed to complete the job.

We do not ‘low ball’ our clients and change or add on costs as the job progresses (except in unexpected adverse circumstances e.g. rotten wood is found behind a closed wall).

Tools & Materials

We continue to build and invest in reputable high standard tools and equipment to advance our skills, to be more efficient and support the needs of our clients. We always use high grade materials and finish all our work to a professional contractor standard. Our experience allows us to advise our clients on the best materials and options for your needs and we can also support you in suggesting stylistic finishes. We utilize our local connections with lumber yards and suppliers to get you the best materials at a competitive price.


We work clear and published hours and we focus on one job at a time until it’s completion. We schedule our time with you according to your availability and we confirm our planned arrival and departure time directly with you. We show up on time. Whilst completing a project, we do not take lengthy breaks or disappear off-site without prior notice. It is important for us to establish a open line of communication with you on a daily basis to keep you informed and up to date on the progress of the work being completed. The planned duration of any job, is a indicator based on the work that needs to be done, it is not a daily cost.


We clean up after ourselves every day when working in your home and we do our best not to disrupt your home environment. We tape down paper in high traffic areas to protect your floors and prevent the tracking of debris throughout your house.